Today we look back to June 15, 2004…

Dave Matthews, Michael Kang and Jeff Tweedy Among Artists Recording HeadCount PSAs at Bonnaroo

The HeadCount team was in fluid motion this past weekend at Bonnaroo. On Friday night some festivalgoers in Centeroo were met by a clipboard toting Michael Kang who walked around the site registering voters. Over the course of the weekend, HeadCount invited a number of artists to record public service announcements which will air on TNT, TBS and other stations encouraging individuals to register and vote. The list of musicians who recorded PSAs includes Dave Matthews, Michael Kang, Jeff Tweedy, Sam Bush, Al Schnier, Rob Mercurio and Rich Vogel.

Bomb Squad To Appear on Poughkeepsie Live; Three New Releases In the Works

Everyone’s favorite AMA Coca-Cola Music Award winner, the Bomb Squad has plenty of visibility in the weeks to come. On June 24 the group will appear June 24th on Poughkeepsie Live, a weekly TV show which airs in upstate NY. In addition, the band will release a 5 song EP this summer and a full-length release in the fall as well as a DVD. Meanwhile last Sunday John Scofield joined the band for a version of James Brown’s ‘Lickin Stick’.

Keller Williams iPod Contest

Stage the new live double disc from Keller Williams is set for release two weeks from now on June 29. In conjunction with this event, those persons who preorder Stage can win a 40GB iPod engraved with the Keller Williams logo. The winner will also receive a Keller Williams box set that includes his entire back catalog, a signed copy of Stage and 25 shows of his radio show, Kellers Cellar. Two other entrants will receive Keller box sets, with the full details available at the Keller William merch site.

Leftover Salmon: Break, Not Break-Up

After weeks of rumors Leftover Salmon has released an official statement regarding its future plans. The band has confirmed that following its New Years Eve performance that it will take time off the road.

The group’s statement notes, “Mark wanted us to continue after he left the band and that’s what we did. We have toured just as hard, rebuilt the band and put out a new record. Now we feel that we can take a break without letting him down. We’re all very proud of our latest release, Leftover Salmon, and after experiencing so many ups and downs, it feels right to step back while on this high. We want to thank the Salmon family, our friends, and especially our fans as this dream would have never come true if it wasn’t for you. We look forward to seeing your faces as we continue to perform in various projects and hope you will all support our decisions and future ventures. This band has created a lifetime of memories for us and that is something that can never go away. The Festivaaal will go on. We will be performing several shows and festivals throughout the summer and play our 3rd annual Halloween celebration at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver on Saturday October 30th this year. After that, the final show will be New Year’s Eve which marks 15 years to the date of the first Leftover Salmon performance. We are excited to reach such a milestone and hope all who can will join us this New Year’s.”
Leftover Salmon: Break, Not Break-Up