Photo credit: Judy Totton

Bill Wyman has announced his ninth studio album, Drive My Car, set for release on August 9. The album will mark Wyman’s first LP since 2015 and promises a sonic blend of Anglo-Americana rhythm and blues that will include both covers and original songs penned by Wyman. The 10-track album will be available digitally as well as on CD and vinyl, with two additional bonus tracks available on digital and CD formats of the LP. To preview the forthcoming set, Wyman has released the title track, “Drive My Car,” with an accompanying lyric video. Watch below.

Drive My Car will be the ninth solo album from the legendary bassist and founding member of The Rolling Stones. With a career spanning over six decades, the new album aims to showcase Wyman’s unwavering musicianship and passion for creating and collaborating. Five of the 10 album tracks and two bonus tracks are self-written, with Wyman expressing, “It’s not something I do every day, but sometimes I just see a guitar in the corner of the room, pick it up to play around and then something clicks into place.” The new album was recorded at Wyman’s home studio with long-time collaborators such as guitarist Terry Taylor and drummer Paul Beavis. Wyman emphasizes the importance of good musical chemistry and collaboration, saying, “A bass player and a drummer are a team, you’re the rhythm section, the foundation of the whole thing.” 

The LP includes seven covers from inspirations and longtime friends of Wyman’s as well as a new inspiration for the musician. Among these covers is Bob Dylan’s “Thunder On The Mountain,” the album opener, which pulls inspiration from Dylan’s original rendition and Wanda Jackson’s cover. The album covers also features Taj Mahal’s “Light Rain” and a country tribute to John Prine’s “Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody.” In addition to covering close friends, Wyman has also included two covers of songs by Dutch guitarist Hans Theesink, who Wyman mentioned via a press release, “I find his stuff really inspiring; he brings something new to the blues.”

In anticipation of August 9, listen to “Drive My Car” here and watch the lyric video below.

Drive My Car Tracking List:

1.  Thunder On The Mountain (Bob Dylan) 
2.  Drive My Car (Bill Wyman) 
3.  Bad News (Bill Wyman) 
4.  Storm Warning (Hans Theessink) 
5.  Light Rain (Taj Mahal) 
6.  Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody (John E. Prine) 
7.  Rough Cut Diamond (Bill Wyman/Terry Taylor) 
8.  Wings (Hans Theessink) 
9.  Two Tone Car (Chuck E. Weiss) 
10. Fools Gold (Lloyd Jones)