Photo via Dave and Tim’s Facebook page

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds closed out their annual destination event at Cancún, Mexico’s Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort last night. Matthews opened the show with a solo acoustic segment that kicked off with the first “Paper Bird” since September 19, 2018. 

Continuing what has become a welcome tradition, with the exception of last year, Trey Anastasio, who will appear at the same venue later this week with Phish, emerged near the end of Dave and Tim’s set for a musical passing of the torch. However, this year his collaborations were a little more surprising than usual. First, Anastasio sat in on piano for the Some Devil song “So Damn Lucky”–a tune Matthews joined Phish for in Mexico in 2022. Then, he switched to guitar for another Some Devil favorite, “Dodo.” Finally, Anastasio helped the evening’s hosts through their first version of The Band’s “Up on Cripple Creek” since February 5, 2006, and the first ever version of the song at a Dave and Tim show.

Anastasio, who appears on Some Devil and joined Matthews and Reynolds for the supporting Dave Mathhews & Friends run, regularly played the cover with the musicians during that album campaign.

Dave and Tim also offered a few other numbers during last night’s concert that they have not done as a duo for a few years, including their first “Seek Up” since April 7, 2017, their first “Why I Am” since February 16, 2020, their first “Too Much” since February 20, 2022 and their first “Funny How Time Slips Away” since June 18, 2019. 

Dave Matthews Band will perform next in Las Vegas on March 1.