has detailed its live auction celebrating The Beatles’ storied run, including the band’s seminal 1964 arrival in the United States. Bids are underway, and the listing includes specialty items associated with the core four: Rare artifacts, instruments, and personal items from Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon and Ringo Starr–each piece representing a significant place in the group’s history.

The collection of items is derived from the avid collector Tom Fontaine’s archive of band-attributed finds. Amongst the artifacts available is the only known official Pan Am photograph featuring The Beatles during their JFK Airport press conference in February 1964. An original New York Plaza Hotel promotional show flyer and a set of shirts, each owned and worn by the Fab Four, acquired directly from The Beatles’ stay at Seattle’s Edgewater Hotel, are all up for grabs. 

Amongst the most prized inclusions is McCartney’s handwritten draft lyrics for the song “Goodbye,” penned in 1969. Of the available one-time Lennon possessions, fans and collectors can get their hands on his personally owned two-piece tweed suit from 1965, an original sketch titled “Dream #2” featuring a full-body portrait, and a writing desk used during visits to his aunt Mimi’s house in the 1960s. 

Harrison’s handwritten sheet music for “While My Guitar Gently Weep” and a fully completed and signed 1992 Customs Declaration Form for entry into the United States are also included. For fans of Starr, signed performance bongo drums and a hand-notated letter drafted to Elizabeth Taylor are also listed online, amongst other unique items.

In addition to the memorabilia mentioned above, more are listed on Visit the website and place your bids now to obtain a special piece of Beatles history.