On Wednesday, Dec. 6, Dinosaur Jr. continued their 30th anniversary celebration of their fifth studio LP, Where You Been, at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, N.Y. After running through the entirety of their Feb. 9, 1993 release set, the band welcomed a slew of guests, including Gumball bandmates Jay “The Rummager” Spiegel and Don Fleming, as well as Claire O’Kane, Jason Isbell and Laura Jane Grace. 

The concert began with a start-to-finish run-through of Where You Been, beginning with “Out There.” From the first play, the band continued to work through the LP tracking list, including “Start Choppin,” “What Else Is New,” “On the Way,” “Not the Same,” and “Get Me.” They continued with “Drawerings,” “Hide,” “Goin’ Home,” and “I Ain’t Sayin’,” which represented the final song from their ‘90s release. 

To follow, Dinosaur Jr. brought out their initial guest, O’Kane, to assist on “Garden In a Jar.” Next, she swapped places with Spiegel and Fleming. The pair stuck around for two songs. including the My Bloody Valentine original, “Only Shallow,” and the 1991 released cut, “The Wagon.” Added covers flowed with Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s “Cortez the Killer,” featuring Isbell. The final song of the frame featured The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” with assistance from Grace. 

After wrapping a 16-song set, the band returned to their initial lineup sans guests for an encore performance of “Feel the Pain” and “Freak Space.” Following last night’s gig, Dinosaur Jr. will return to the Music Hall of Williamsburg stage tonight, Dec. 7, and tomorrow, Dec. 8. Tickets remain on sale for tonight’s concert, Friday, Dec. 8, is sold out. 

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Dinosaur Jr. 

Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dec. 6, 2023 

Set: [Where You Been] Out There, Start Choppin, What Else Is New, On the Way, Not the Same, Get Me, Drawerings, Hide, Goin’ Home, I Ain’t Sayin’, Garden In a Jar+, Only Shallow (My Bloody Valentine)#$, The Wagon#$, Cortez The Killer (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)&, Just Like Heaven (The Cure)%

Enc.: Feel The Pain, Freak Scene 


@ With Clare O’Kane 

# With Don Flemminh 

$ With Jay Spiegel

& With Jason Isbell 

% With Laura Jane Grace