Photo Credit: York Tillyer

Peter Gabriel has released “Live and Let Live,” the final single off his upcoming album, i/o, which will be released in full on Friday, Dec. 1. The track, which comes in two different mixes, follows a pattern Gabriel used to put out previous numbers off the set: Dropping singles on the new moon of every month. 

The song, featuring cover art from Nick Cave, is a powerful anthem about forgiveness and love. Gabriel said when he was initially creating the tune, he had Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu in mind, but after the war broke out in Israel, as well as the ongoing tension in Ukraine, Gabriel saw a shift in the importance of the song. 

Echoing the precious sentiment, Gabriel described the intent behind his new single via Instagram as “A song about forgiveness, tolerance, and optimism. A joyous, rousingly-positive closing note for the album.” 

i/o will be the English musician’s first album since 2011, and new, original music since 2002’s Up, although Gabriel has already performed most of the songs live on his tour this year. The entire album will be available in two distinct mixes: the “Bright-Side Mix” by Mark ‘Spike’ Stent or the “Dark-Side Mix” by Tchad Blake.