On Friday, Nov. 18, Eggy took part in their first headlining stand at the Brooklyn Bowl. The Williamsburg, N.Y. location had welcomed the foursome–Jay Brownstein, Dani Battat, Mike Goodman and Alex Bailey–in a supportive role during the past; the aforementioned concert served as a debut of sorts. A fitting connection to the material which accumulated during the set: A pair of first-time covers, both pulled from the Steely Dan archive. 

After Stolen Gin concluded its opening frame, Eggy appeared and cut into the first pairing of the night: “12 Pounds of Pain” into “Come Up Slow.” In time, the group landed on “One Stop Shop,” which melded with the initial debut, the locationally fittingly titled, “A Moments Notice, Brooklyn (Owes The Charmer Under Me).” Notes of the tune lingered into “All Wheels Turnin’,” eventually giving way to “Sweat Equity.” 

Jammed-out originals preluded the impending final Steely Dan cover, this time a take on “Turn That Heartbeat Over Again.” Notably, both Steely Dan tunes originated on the band’s favored 1972 set, Can’t By a Thrill. Next, they landed on another cover, the Big Thief song “Time Escaping,” from their 2022 set, Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You. “Smile” brought the band to their official encore, which featured quotes and teases that tied back to the debuts, on “Wayless.”

Scroll down to view the band’s official setlist. 


Brooklyn Bowl – Brooklyn, N.Y.

Nov. 18, 2023 

Set: 12 Pounds of Pain > Come Up Slow, One Stop Shop > A Moments Notice, Brooklyn (Owes The Charmer Under Me)[1] > All Wheels Turnin’, Sweat Equity, Turn That Heartbeat Over Again[1], Time Escaping[2], Smile

Enc.: Wayless[3]

    [1] FTP, Steely Dan cover
    [2] Big Thief cover
    [3] With Brooklyn (Steely Dan) quotes and teases

Setlist via thecarton.net.