The Sam Holt Band shared their financial success after the group raised funds to support the Pre-Amped: Michael Houser Music Program at Nuçi’s Space in Athens, Ga. Through the sale of posters and t-shirts designed by JT Lucchessi of Home Team Graphics, the ensemble brought in $4,000.

The group recently put on three concerts to honor the life, music, and spirit of Michael Houser, where they also offered one-of-a-kind merchandise to support the cause. All proceeds from the sales have been donated in honor of the founding Widespread Panic guitarist. Athens company TSAV donated funds for the program as well.

“We are honored to be able to support the incredible work that Nuci’s Space does, and we are grateful to our fans for helping us raise funds and awareness for the Mikey Houser Pre-Amped Music Program,” said Sam Holt, the band’s lead guitarist and vocalist. 

The Mikey Houser Pre-Amped Music Program is free to 4th and 5th grade elementary school students who show an interest and passion for music. The program introduces elementary school students to instruments and music lessons and focuses on those who otherwise may not have access to music programs. 

“Pre-Amped is a very special program for us! It’s such a privilege to be able to nurture the emotional and musical development of young kids at the very beginning of their creative journey. We are so grateful for the opportunity to bring the work of Nuçi’s Space to a broader community within Athens. Thank you for your support,” added Alex Dillon, Youth Programs Manager. 

Holt was Houser’s guitar tech during his final years with Widespread Panic. After Houser’s passing, Sam quickly began sitting in with Widespread Panic for entire shows, garnering the title of a fan favorite. In 2002, at Houser’s insistence, Holt forged his own path with Atlanta-based Outformation and eventually The Sam Holt Band.

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