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On November 3, Dave Matthews Band will mark the 25th anniversary of Before These Crowded Streets by releasing a special two-LP vinyl edition. The initial LP was released on April 28, 1998, and represented the third studio set as well as the group’s first to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, ending the 16-week reign of the Titanic soundtrack atop the list. 

Holding fan-favorite status for over two decades, Before These Crowded Streets also achieved critical and commercial success, including a four-time platinum achievement. Guests on the album included Tim Reynolds, who played on every track and has since become a full-time band member, Béla Fleck, Alanis Morissette, The Lovely Ladies, Greg Howard, John D’earth and Kronos Quartet.

Bassist Stefan Lessard called the set “maybe our most collaborative album.” While acclaimed journalist and linear notes writer Grayson Currin observes, “What started in The Mill with Dave alone and then with Stefan became a playground for everyone. Boyd’s solo during ‘Crush’ is ecstatic…Carter’s playing is a wondrous mix of power and poetry, the muscle of ‘The Last Stop’ and the delicacy of ‘The Dreaming Tree’ forming a compact survey of his underrated range.”

Currin continued, “ When [producer Steve] Lillywhite asked LeRoi to show him what else he had, could he have imagined the self-made flute-and-horn duo he shaped for the end of ‘The Dreaming Tree’ or just how much grit and funk he blew into every corner of ‘Stay?’” In addition to the already mentioned material, Before These Crowded Streets also boasts “Pantala Naga Pampa,” “Don’t Drink The Water,” and other staple material that has long been associated with the band’s live shows. 

After the release of the 25th anniversary set, Dave Matthews Band will head out on the road for their impending fall tour. Read more.

Scroll down to view the vinyl tracking list. Pre-order Before These Crowded Streets 25th Anniversary Edition now. 

Track Listing Before These Crowded Streets 25th Anniversary Edition

Side A

1 Pantala Naga Pampa

2 Rapunzel

3 The Last Stop

4 Don’t Drink The Water

Side B

1 Stay (Wasting Time)

2 Halloween

3 The Stone

Side C

1 Crush

2 The Dreaming Tree

Side D

1 Pig

2 Spoon