Photo by Dana Kalachnik

Today, Lindsay Lou announced her highly anticipated album, Queen of Time, is set to release on Sept. 29 via Kill Rock Stars. With introspective songwriting and captivating melodies, Lou takes listeners on a profound exploration of personal growth and empowerment with special guests Billy Strings and Jerry Douglas in tow.

Driven by a desire for self-discovery, Lou drew inspiration from a profound encounter with the sacred feminine. This enlightening experience became a catalyst for personal growth as she navigated through challenging periods, including the loss of her grandmother, the end of a marriage, and the emotional toll of the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the album, Lou shares her vulnerability and resilience, weaving a narrative that resonates deeply with listeners.

At the heart of Queen of Time lies Lindsay Lou’s reverence for her late grandmother, whose wisdom echoes throughout the album. Interspersed between songs, poignant snippets from over 27 hours of recorded conversations with her grandmother create an intimate connection between generations. Paying tribute to her grandmother’s remarkable journey from a teacher to a healer in the Rainbow Gathering community, Lou explores the essence of femininity and the power of self-possession.

The collaborations with bluegrass luminaries Douglas and Strings add a captivating dimension to the album. Douglas’s masterful dobro playing shines on the opening track, “Nothing Else Matters,” a heartfelt composition co-written by Lindsay Lou, Maya de Vitry, and Phoebe Hunt, while her collaboration with Strings on “Nothing’s Working” delves into personal introspection, touching upon the collective challenges of the pandemic. Their musical synergy elevates the emotional intensity of the song, creating a heartfelt connection with the listener.

The title track, which was released today, serves as the album’s centerpiece, inviting reflection on the complexities of human existence. Lou’s soulful vocals resonate as she explores the duality of personal identities. The song gracefully evolves from a gentle acoustic ballad into a mesmerizing sonic journey, immersing listeners in its captivating allure – serving as a poignant reminder of the power of self-knowledge and personal growth.

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Listen to “Queen of Time” below.

Queen of Time Tracklist
1. Nothing Else Matters (feat. Jerry Douglas)
2. Nothing’s Working (feat. Billy Strings)
3. I Can Help
4. On Your Side (Starman)
5. Love Calls
6. Queen of Time
7. Rules
8. Needed
9. Shame
10. This Too Shall Pass
11. Silent