A GoFundMe has been launched in support of beloved American saxophonist Skerik. The artist was on tour in April when he woke with a “tweak” in his shoulder and neck which has since escalated into a much worse situation to the point he is unable to perform.

In the description of the GoFundMe, the arrangers outlined the precarious situation and the resulting difficulties which continue to amass. As of now, Skerik, his friends, and family still are unsure of what is going on despite seeing doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and massage therapists. Regardless of the cause of his ailment, the nature of making a living as a performer has left him in a difficult spot, and losses in income and expenses continue to grow.

So far, he’s missed Jam Cruise (due to the passing of his mother), Jass Fest, Les Claypool Flying Frog Brigade tour, and an Earshot Jazz residency and currently, no gigs booked for the foreseeable future. Thankfully the nature of the music community has his back and artists like Oteil Burbridge are pointing attention towards his situation and writing loving statements like, “I need Skerik like I need New Orleans. Brother From Another Mother.”

Donate to Skerik’s GoFundMe here and read the full message shared on the GoFundMe below.

Dear music community and beyond,

Our dear friend Skerik needs our help!! While on tour in April, Skerik woke up in the morning with a seemingly normal tweak in his shoulder and neck. It quickly escalated into a much worse situation and after a gig that night, he could barely move. It’s a strange injury that after seeing medical doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, rolfers, massage therapists, there is still no clear answer as to what is going on. As of now, he hasn’t worked in 6 weeks and has continued to have to cancel major gigs and tours. Unfortunatley as musicians, we do not have sick leave or paid time off, any time we are sick or injured we take a loss both on income and expenses.

It’s been a rough 2023 for Skerik so far, loss of income as of now:

-missed Jam cruise due to my Mom passing away Feb 1.

-missed NOLA jazz Fest due to April 14 injury

-cancelled SOUND CIPHER record release shows and livestream.

-missed Les Claypool Frog Brigade tour

-cancelled Earshot Jazz residency

-no gigs or income in foreseeable future

All of this adds up to 10’s of thousands of dollars, including lost expenses such as flights, hotels and medical expenses that have started to grow.

We greatly appreciate any help financially, or if you can’t help by donating, please share this far and wide!