Coalescing with the first-anniversary release of Harry Styles’ third studio album, Harry’s House, which dropped on May 20, 2022, Dave Harrington, Spencer Zahn and Jeremy Gustin have delivered their interpretation of the complete 13-track collection, dubbed A Visit to Harry’s House

The unlikely project came about after Zahn bumped into a large group of Styles’ fans dressed in ‘70’s style apparel on the New York subway following his own performance on bass during Broadway’s Moulin Rouge production. Later in February 2023, following an intense breakup, Zahn was approached by Harrington to pick up some Los Angeles gigs along with Gustin. 

On the West Coast, the trio teamed up at Harrington’s studio, where they landed on the Styles material. In a press release by Zahn, he penned: “The song forms are clever, clear, and concise. The lyrics are personal yet universal. Less diaristic and more encapsulating the feelings that we all have when we fall in love and when heartbreak hits. I suddenly felt like Harry knew my life and I knew his. My life was his muse and now his was becoming mine.”

The musician continued, “When we got into Dave’s studio in L.A., we all agreed that a playful yet respectful and creatively divergent take on this record was the only way to cover it. Jeremy didn’t want to learn any of the songs so that his drumming, tempos, and rhythmic feels didn’t lean too closely to the original. Dave, with a 6-month-old baby, didn’t have time to learn the music and at least once was seen doing an overdub on the electric sitar while watching the baby monitor. So it fell to me to steer the ship close enough toward the north star of Harry’s House.”

“After tracking for three days, we had finished the initial arrangements of all thirteen songs from the album. Though our versions are drastically different, strangely, the run time of our album is the same as Harry’s album. Dave and I got together to mix it in his studio in April 2023 and when sharing it with some close friends and collaborators, it was brought to our attention that we are approaching the year anniversary of the original release. So to celebrate, we would like to share with you, A Visit to Harry’s House,” Zahn concluded. 
The complete album can be streamed via Cascine. Scroll down to listen.