Built to Spill recently stopped by The Current, a public Minnesota radio station, for a live session along with an interview with the show’s host Mac Wilson. For the live performance, Built to Spill performed “Fool’s Gold,” a take off their LP When The Wind Forgets Your Name, which was released on Sept. 9 and “Conventional Wisdom” from 2006’s You In Reverse.

For the performance, Built to Spill’s founder and only consistent member Doug Martsch was joined by the current touring lineup of the group: Melanie Radford and Teresa Esguerra. The trio performed the two tracks for just over 12 minutes, with Radford on bass and Esguerra handling percussion, before their conversation with Wilson.

During their panel-style conversation, Martsch explained how When The Wind Forgets Your Name was recorded in Brazil, his bandmates’ divulged the details behind their respective groups and touring plans and how they came to meet Martsch, and all three contemplated Built to Spill’s longest-running time playing one song.

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Watch Built to Spill’s studio session and interview on The Current below.