Photo via Wilco’s Official Instagram

Wilco guitarist Nels Cline has tested positive for COVID-19. In a statement released by the musician via social media, he shared, “One cannot generally prepare for calamity, and in my case calamity has struck this morning in the form of a positive Covid test.” Wilco is currently on tour in Spain. 

Cline’s statement continued, “Protocols in Wilcoworld have been most rigorous, and I have – especially seeing as how I am a “senior” – been quite assiduous in my precautions, but ALAS. I am truly saddened. Thankfully, my symptoms are mild – rather like a nattering cold. I intend to be back rocking with my beloved Wilco brethren and Wilcrew very soon!” 

The musician went on to conclude, “In the meantime, a variation in the concert presentation is being devised (skillfully and ultra-musically, I am certain) as the juggernaut moves through Spain, and I encourage any/all who intend to absorb Jeff’s marvelous songs + those Wilcoid elements to attend the upcoming recitals. Please?! I entreat you! And please don’t worry about me. I’ll recover and, in the meantime, cast my gaze out my window occasionally to view the minute slice of sweet Spain that I can see with a singular gratitude. As Jeff has so often said, it could be worse.” 

The Tweedy-led ensemble is currently in Spain following last night’s Auditorio del Centro Kursaal performance in San Sebastian, Spain. The band arrived last week and performed two shows in Germany ahead of a gig in Belgium. Then, they played at Black Deer Festival in the United Kingdom over the weekend, before last night’s sold-out show. Wilco will continue their tour tonight, performing at Parque Grande Jose Antonio Labordeta in Zaragoza, Spain, sans Cline. 

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