Mihali has announced the July 22 release of his forthcoming solo studio project, Effection, via Ineffable Records. The LP features 10-tracks that showcase the Twiddle frontman’s raw and relaxed musical sensibility, as captured on the album’s title track, which was released today.

Effection was written during the pandemic and produced remotely. It draws inspiration from reggae, rock and roots music. Mihali uses all 10-tracks to give listeners an intimate glimpse into his world while evoking a sense of positivity and an outlook that exemplifies hope. 

“On this record, I tried not to go super heavy or deep on the emotional side of things. Instead, there is a lot of happiness and hope on Effection,” Mihali offered. “I’m incredibly proud and excited to be releasing this music, and as always, evolving with it,” he said. 

Effection is about reawakening passion in your life, and making positive changes towards a healthier mind, body, and spirit,” explained Mihali. “These are often the hardest changes to make but I believe we all have the courage inside of us to do it. Anything is possible if want it bad enough,” he concluded. 

The title track features contributions by SOJA’s Jacob Hemphill, who lent his well-defined talents to the single. “Effection” achieves its laid-back sound instrumentally. Backed by light guitar riffs and horns, it is a summer tune with a heavy groove that is meant to be enjoyed with friends. 

Hemphill said, “Mihali is a unique songwriter and musician. We did a tour together and ended up hanging out most nights talking about life. He’s complicated. I’m complicated. Talking was easy. The music Followed.” 

Listen to “Effection” now. 

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