Photo by Ward & Kweskin

Dawes have shared the latest taste of their forthcoming studio album, Misadventures of Doomscroller, which is set to be released on July 22. The single, dubbed “Comes In Waves,” showcases the band’s indie-folk sensibility with an added light rock layer due to an exceptional electric guitar solo during the latter half of the six-minute song. 

“I had this riff and one of the verses for a while,” offered Dawes frontman, Taylor Goldsmith. “Griffin, Wylie and Mike Viola came over to my backyard – this was peak Covid – to just play music together for one of the first times since lockdown.” He went on to add, “I started sharing the song and Griffin and Mike started singing their background parts you hear on the choruses on the record immediately. It inspired me to finish writing it.”

Goldsmith then remarked, “The lyric is about the arbitrary demands I make on myself. I want to perceive me or my life a certain way but I make no exceptions for an off day or a misstep. Whether it’s a win or a loss, it’s all transient, and only when I can live in some version of that awareness – which is itself transient – am I able to bat away any fears or anxieties or the consequences of an over indulged ego.”

The band has also shared the accompanying music video for their new single via YouTube. The intimate performance shows the band playing “Comes In Waves” in the studio, giving fans an intimate glimpse into Dawes’ unparalleled companionship as musicians. 

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Listen to “Comes In Waves” now. 

Watch the official music video below.