Following the announcement of his upcoming biopic starring Daniel Radcliff and in the midst of his massive 133 show The Unfortunate Return of the Ridiculously Self-Indulgent Ill-Advised Vanity Tour “Weird Al” Yankovic has announced his songs will be adapted in a new illustrated book titled, The Illustrated Al. The novel which visually interprets more than 20 of Yankovic’s songs is due to release in late November via Z2 Comics.

In a statement announcing the book, Yankovic said, “It’s such an incredible honor to see my song lyrics brought to life by some of my all-time favorite cartoonists and illustrators.” He continued to say, “I’ve actually been playing the long game—the only reason I spent four decades in the music business is so that one day I could have my very own graphic novel.”

The cover art of the book was handled by Drew Friedman of MAD Magazine and features a foreword penned by the soft-spoken stand-up comic Emo Philips. Other artists include Bill Plympton (Your Face, Guard Dog), Aaron Augenblick (Superjail!, Ugly Americans), Peter Bagge (Hate), Steve Chanks (Revolver Magazine), Gideon Kendall (Megaghost), Michael Kupperman (Tales Designed to Thrizzle, The New Yorker), Fred Harper (The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal), and many more.

The Illustrated Al is available to pre-order now. A special deluxe edition and a signed super deluxe edition are also available.

Yankovic’s tour is set to run through Oct. 29 when he’ll perform at Carnegie Hall in New York, and his biopic Weird, which he helped write, will arrive in the fall.