Gotham Greens — a collective of sustainably-focused indoor farming at greenhouses across the country — has partnered with the Grateful Dead to release a new and, now best-selling Gourmet Medley, Grateful Greens. The medley which includes butterhead, red leaf and green lettuce is packaged with a silhouette of the Grateful Dead’s Dancing Bear and has a QR code that points towards further content including a custom-curated Grateful Dead Spotify playlist.

“As a huge Grateful Dead fan, I’m thrilled to see our launch of Grateful Greens,” said Jenn Frymark, the company’s chief greenhouse officer, in an announcement. “The Grateful Dead champions a sense of community that has been inspirational to our values at Gotham Greens. We have worked hard to build a community-minded ecosystem at Gotham Greens that creates a strong sense of camaraderie across our greenhouse locations, partnerships within the neighborhoods we operate in, and designs that respect our relationship with our planet.”

“It’s not always possible to ‘think globally, act locally’ — but Gotham Greens puts this into action,” added the Grateful Dead’s archivist and legacy manager, David Lemieux about the collaboration. “I love that they grow healthy food near you in incredibly sustainable ways, so the greens don’t have to travel far to get to your plate. Just as the Grateful Dead changed so much of how things were done within the music industry, Gotham Greens is an innovator, too, in making local food possible on a grand scale.”

Grateful Greens will be available at major food sellers including Whole Foods, Sprouts Famers Market, Kroger, and more along with online platforms including AmazonFresh and FreshDirect. The collaboration with the Grateful Dead and Gotham Greens marks the first musical collaboration for the farming operation, and they plan to announce other partnerships with artists in the future.

Additionally, for every package of Grateful Greens sold, they will plant trees in partnership with ForestNation.