Jane’s Addiction and Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell joined his long-time friends in the Foo Fighters on stage at his destination festival, Lollapalooza Chile, on Friday night at O’Higgins Park, Santiago, Chile. Foo Fighters served as Lollapalooza Chile’s headliners for the opening evening and laid down a solid set of fan favorites from across their discography.

The show started with Dave Grohl and Foo Fighter’s keyboardist Rami Jaffee on “Times Like These,” off the aptly named LP One By One; as the song progressed, the rest of the Foo Fighters walked out on stage, one at a time. Next came classic hits “The Pretender” and “Learn to Fly.” They then played “No Son of Mine” off 2021’s Medicine At Midnight and “The Sky Is A Neighborhood” from 2017’s Concrete Gold before returning to another song off Medicine At Midnight, “Shame Shame.”

As the set was well underway, the rest of the band took a short pause as Ghrol delivered a solo intro of the band’s hit song “My Hero.” Next came two songs from 2011’s Wasting Light; “These Days” and “Walk.” With their sound-established Grohl moved into band introductions: he shouted out guitarist, Chris Shiflett, who then dished out some shredding, then, bassist Nate Mendel who offered the unmistakable solo from The Who’s “My Generation,” next we named Jaffee who continued to show off his skills on the synth. Dave then introduced the singers for the evening, “Barbara, Sam and Laura,” who got into a cover of “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” by the C + C Music Factory. Next, guitarist Pat Smear showed off his skills on a cover of the Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop,” and finally, Ghrol introduced drummer Taylor Hawkins who then switched places with him to handle vocals on Queen’s beloved “Somebody To Love.”

After “Somebody To Love,” Hawkins got back on the drums and led the band through “All My Life,” “Run,” and then a slowed-down version of “Wheels.” Next came “Best Of You,” after which Ghrol reminisced on his first Lollapalooza in 1991 with the late and iconic Kurt Cobain. He continued to remember the era and said, “There’s one person who made that revolution happen, and he’s gonna come sing a song.” Farrell joined them on the stage for a cover of Jane’s Addiction classic “Been Caught Stealing” from Ritual de lo Habitual. Foo Fighters closed out the set with “Monkey Wrench” and fan-favorite “Everlong.”

Watch the full set below:

Foo Fighters
Lollapalooza Chile, O’Higgins Park, Santiago, Chile
March 18, 2022

Times Like These, The Pretender, Learn to Fly, No Son of Mine, The Sky Is a Neighborhood, Shame Shame, Breakout, My Hero, These Days, Walk, Guitar Solo / My Generation / Keyboard Solo / Gonna Make You Sweat / Blitzkrieg Bop, Somebody to Love, All My Life, Run, Wheels, This Is a Call, Best of You, Been Caught Stealing, Monkey Wrench, Everlong