The iconic PBS program Austin City Limits shared a preview from their upcoming episode featuring Phoebe Bridgers. The teaser shows Bridgers performing “I Know the End” off of her 2020 LP Punisher.

Before the performance began, Bridgers addressed a line in the song, “There’s a lyric in this song where I hate Texas,” said Bridgers, “It’s a joke, Bill, Bright Eye’s tour manager his whole joke was getting out of the van in Germany and saying I hate this part of Texas. It’s a good riff.”

The performance started gently with Bridgers vocal and guitar arrangments but gradually grew more intense, accumulating screaming and kissing her guitarist as he soloed. To end the performance, Bridgers kicked over the mic stand with a broad smile on her face.

Notably, earlier this year, while Bridgers performed the same track at Austin City Limits Music Festival–which is only related to the TV taping in name–her performance was cut short, after which she tweeted, “lol Fuck acl.” After some backlash, the festival apologized and donated to the Texas Abortion Funds.

Bridgers recently shared her annual holiday cover. This year was a cover of Tom Wait’s “Day After Tomorrow.”

The episode will air on Dec. 4 and also feature Olivia Rodrigo.

Watch Phoebe Bridgers perform “I Know the End” on Austin City Limits below: