Photo by Stuart Levine 

Gov’t Mule shared a cover of Tom Waits’ iconic track “Make It Rain.” The song is the latest single Gov’t Mule has shared off their upcoming album, Heavy Load Blues, which will drop on Nov. 12. Heavy Load Blues has been touted as the band’s first blues album and comprised of both covers of iconic blues tunes and original songs written by guitarist Warren Haynes. 

The new cover follows the first single and original track off the album “Heavy Load,” which dropped in early September, and the band’s cover of Junior Wells’ “Snatch It Back and Hold It,” which also features an improvisational jam.

Haynes reminisced about the recording of “Make It Rain” in a press release; he said, “When recording the album, I had brought in this old Fender spring reverb unit that I wanted to use on my guitar sound. They can be pretty finicky. If the stage isn’t solid, or somebody’s jumping up and down, it reacts by making this crazy reverb vibration that comes through the amp. I had intentionally set it up on the studio floor to make it kind of shockproof, but what we didn’t allow for was some radio frequencies that randomly interfered and set it off. So, it started making these weird sounds that sounded like thunder.” He continued, “We were in the middle of what turned out to be the best take of ‘Make It Rain,’ and it began doing that throughout the whole thing. As it turned out, it happened in these key spots in the song. When we were finished and listened to it with engineer and co-producer John Paterno, we decided to use it. It actually sounded like we planned it that way!”

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Listen to “Make It Rain” below: