Hayes Carll has released a track titled “Help Me Remember,” to direct the lens on the tragic illnesses of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The song is written from the perspective of someone realizing they are losing their memories. Carll both emphasizes and alleviates the fear that comes with that stark reality through his music.

Carll shared his own personal experience in a press release. “I was fourteen years old and sitting in the passenger seat of my grandfather’s truck in Waco, Texas, the town he had lived in for most of his life. He turned to me at a stoplight and asked me where we were. He looked scared. I know I was. I’ve thought a lot since then about what it must feel like to lose the thread of your own story. This song is for the people who’ve experienced what my grandfather did, those that are experiencing it currently, and for those who serve as their witnesses and caregivers.”

Carll gently approaches the topic with grace through his moving song that hits home for many, the accompanying video effectively elevates his intention and message. At the end of the video, Carll also shares a PSA.

Today, more than six million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s dementia, and that number is projected to rise over the coming years. Alzheimer’s dementia affects one in 10 people ages 65 and older. For information and resources please visit the Alzheimer’s Association website at Alz.org.

“Help Me Remember,” comes off Carll’s upcoming album You Get It All, which will arrive on Oct. 29.

Watch the video below: