Photo via GoFundMe

Percussionist Mike Dillon is asking fans to help him bounce back from a treacherous night in Kansas City, Mo. which left the musician with a destroyed trailer and even included an armed confrontation with the culprit.

“Friday night after a gig, three drivers in a stolen vehicle over corrected and drove at 70 miles per hour into Mike Dillon’s airstream and his wife’s little truck,” reads the musicians’ GoFundMe page. “The drivers proceeded to hold Mike Dillon, Brian Haas, and Ginny Mac at gun point. As you can see in the images, both vehicles are destroyed. They insured but the labor, time, and love invested are not replaceable.”

Dillon added via social media, “Well after a great night playing music fucking asshole totaled my airstream, peregrines truck and fucked my van pretty bad. Devastated, but every one is okay.”

The musician hopes to raise $30,000 to get back on his feet.

In related news, Dillon recently dropped three quarantine LPsShoot The Moon, Suitcase Man and 1918.

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