Live Nation’s CEO Michael Rapino is optimistic that large-scale concerts in the U.S. can return this coming summer. In a Q4 earnings call for Live Nation (reported by Music Business Insider), Rapino said that “a clear outline to a 75% to 100%” capacity for outdoor U.S. events in 2021 was looking likely to be green-lit.” (Quote via SPIN report.)

“We’re better off waiting for a high bar capacity moment in most of the states to ramp up and talk to the artists about getting paid properly,” Rapino continued. “We might have certain states that might not be ready, but we have enough states and enough artists willing to play the open slots if we get to that level in the right markets.

“So as long as these states open up to the right capacities, we can start in midsummer and in the southern U.S. we can go all the way into November,” he concluded.

Rapino also posted a tweet expressing his optimism: “With more artists than ever wanting to tour and fans eager to make up for lost time, all signs point to even more concerts ahead,” he wrote. “Thank you to all of our @LiveNation employees for their endless resilience and creativity – none of this would be possible without you.”

This past week, the British government released a timeline stating that large music events could return to the U.K. at 100% capacity by June 21. Live Nation then released 100,000 tickets for the Reading & Leeds festival (set for Aug. 27 and 29), which have already sold out.