“I am just a shadow on your wall/ One day you won’t think of me at all,” Neal Casal sings on “Everything is Moving” one of his final songs before taking his own life in August 2019.

“Everything is Moving” – and its poignant video – arrive alongside “Green Moon,” another new song, which dates back to 2013 but was only recently finished by Casal’s colleagues who took on the mantle of his final recordings after his death.

“Working on these songs has been truly cathartic for me as I continue to process the loss of my dear friend,” producer Jeff Hill said via press release. “Neal writes in ‘Everything Is Moving,’ ‘I am just a shadow on the wall, you won’t even think of me at all.’ As much as Neal’s lyrics can be eerily prophetic of the tragedy to come, he was wrong. So many of us will be thinking of Neal for decades to come.”

According to a press release, “In addition to being released on streaming platforms, the two songs will comprise a limited edition 7-inch on Feb. 26 by the Neal Casal Music Foundation in collaboration with Royal Potato Family who released Casal’s final solo album, Sweeten the Distance.”

To learn about the Neal Casal photography book, as seen in the “Everything is Moving” video, click here.

Pre-order the limited edition 7-inch here.

Listen to “Green Moon” and watch the video for “Everything is Moving” below: