Margo Price has shared a new music video for her recently released, synthphonic rendition of “I’d Die For You,” a track off her latest record That’s How Rumors Get Started.

According to a press release, the video “intersperses images of recent protests fighting for black lives, tornado wreckage in Nashville, the toll exacted by climate change, the struggle for voting rights and more… between shots of burning flower beds, and the ocean depths she swims through, reaching out for the husband she once thought she’d lose to COVID-19.”

Price also recently sat for an interview with Variety during which she discussed the video. “The message of the song is that we have each other through all this and can be there to try to save each other from some of the evils in the world…this country is called the United States of America for a reason,” she said in the interview. “We’re so divided right now, and I would love to see people come together and lift each other up and think about what’s going on. Because I feel we’re at such a turning point.”

On Sept. 26, Price will take part in the virtual edition of the Farm Aid festival, which will air on FANS. Click here to tune in.

Watch the new video for “I’d Die For You” here!