Bob Weir, Dave Matthews, Taylor Swift, Lenny Kravitz and many other famous faces have joined HeadCount and Global Citizen’s “Just Vote” campaign aiming to register 50,000 young people to vote before election day.

“The Just Vote campaign will engage and reward young people by offering exclusive experiences, performances, and memorabilia donated by artists and entertainers that can only be unlocked through checking their voting registration status,” reads a press release. “Once they check their voting registration status, participants will have the opportunity to receive access to exciting opportunities like a 1:1 video chat with Lenny Kravitz, an exclusive acoustic performance by Dave Matthews, a virtual hangout with Meghan Trainor, or a virtual boxing class with Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor, and more. The Just Vote campaign will then employ precise tracking of voter registrations to track the campaign’s success.”

For more information – and to check your own voter registration – click here.