Jason Isbell didn’t let the COVID-19 outbreak get in the way of celebrating his new album Reunions.

Subbing in his creative collaborator and wife Amanda Shires for his 400 Unit band, Isbell performed the entirety of Reunions at the Brooklyn Bowl Nashville on Friday night, marking the live debut of almost every track as well as the first-ever live performance at the nascent venue.

Isbell and Shires enlisted FANS.com to help virtually populate the almost-empty room, as hundreds of fans tuned in via Zoom sending applause and messages to the duo.

“Hey everybody I see y’all,” Isbell said waving to a screen filled with fans tuning in “…This crowd is ready.”

“When people put new music out during this time it brings so much good to my life on the daily,” Shires added later in the performance, turning to Isbell. “And I know we could use more records. So I’m glad yours is out now.”

In addition to the slew of new music, Isbell used his encore to cover Warren Zevon’s “Mutineer” and look back at his own “Cover Me Up” from 2013’s Southeastern.

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Watch Isbell and Shires’ full show and check out the setlist below:

Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires
May 15, 2020
Brooklyn Bowl, Nashville
Crowdless Performance Broadcast Live by FANS.com

What’ve I Done to Help*, Dreamsicle*, Only Children*, Overseas, Running with Our Eyes Closed*, River*, Be Afraid, St. Peter’s Autograph*, It Gets Easier*, Letting You Go*

Enc: Mutineer^, Cover Me Up

* live debut
^ Warren Zevon Cover