Photo via @davematthewsband on Instagram, taken by Rene Huemer

Jeff Coffin will be in New Orleans for the Jazz Education Network Conference. The conference begins tonight (Jan. 7) and runs through Jan. 10.

At the conference, Coffin will be performing as a part of the Socrates Garcia Latin Jazz Orchestra on Jan. 8, and he will give a talk called “What Needs To Be Done Before Leaving Your Driveway On Tour?” on Jan. 9. Finally, later on Jan. 9, Coffin will participate in a clinic called “Those Who Teach Also Play,” along with John Raymond. Check out the full schedule for the conference here.

In addition to his appearances at the conference proper, Coffin will also perform some shows in New Orleans. On Jan. 7, he will make an appearance at SideBar NOLA, followed by a show at Maple Leaf Bar on Jan. 8.

For more information on Coffin’s upcoming shows, click here.