Image from @govtmule on Instagram

Gov’t Mule have posted two graphics on Instagram teasing the theme for their upcoming New Year’s Eve run.

The first post, uploaded over the weekend, was a play on The Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover, featuring four mules walking across the famed street. The second post, uploaded on Dec. 23, showed four mules performing on a rooftop dressed just as The Beatles were during their rooftop show in 1969, which was also their final public appearance. Footage from the show was used for The Beatles Let It Be film (released in 1970), and songs from the performance (such as “Get Back” and “Dig A Pony”) would wind up on the album Let It Be.

Both Abbey Road and Let It Be were recorded 50 years ago. It seems Gov’t Mule will be highlighting The Beatles’ later work, perhaps in honor of these anniversaries.

Gov’t Mule’s New Years Eve run begins on Dec. 27 at The Met in Philadelphia, followed by a performance on Dec. 28 at the Palace Theatre in Waterbury, C.T. The group will then ring in the new year with two shows at the Beacon Theatre in New York City on Dec. 30 and Dec. 31.

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