This week’s “All The Years Live” video from Grateful Dead HQ features a 7/1/92 “Stagger Lee,” filmed live at Buckeye Lake Music Center in Thornville, Ohio.

“Debuting in 1978, ‘Stagger Lee’ was a reworked traditional story, with Hunter creating a visual masterpiece with his words,” explains Grateful Dead archivist/legacy manager David Lemieux. “In the repertoire 1978-1979, and 1985-1995 (with a few versions in 1982), this song was a thrilling addition to the first sets of many Dead shows. This version is from the final show of the Summer Tour of 1992, after which the Dead took one of their longest breaks since the 1974-1976 hiatus, going five months without a show.”

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Watch the 7/1/92 “Stagger Lee” below: