Currently, Billy Strings is one of the most talked about acts in the jam scene, but in a recently unearthed video you can watch the singer perform “Dust in a Baggie” circa 2012 for just a few friends.

The clip was filmed “in a quiet room at a loud party,” and it begins with Strings tinkering with his guitar.

After the camera man asks him to play one of his newer tunes, Strings shies away saying, “I only played that once.”

“It sounded fuckin’ great to me,” another friend counters.

Strings then launches into “Dust in a Baggie,” a tune that is now considered one of his signature compositions and eventually opened his 2013 Rock of Ages LP with Don Julin.

“Hell yeah!” you can hear one of his pals yell afterwards.

Watch the young, short-haired Strings perform “Dust in a Baggie” below: