After he wraps his acclaimed Broadway show, David Byrne will head to Denver to debut a new “immersive theater experience” dubbed Theater of the Mind.

“We are so pleased to be premiering Theater of the Mind in Denver with such wonderful partners at the DCPA,” Byrne said via press release. “Off-Center is nationally admired for its immersive work, and they have the skill and experience to bring this complex production to life and the committed audience who will appreciate it. I have long had an interest in creating something that incorporated the sensory experiments we often read about in a way that was entertaining and engaging, but still gave people an experience that was visceral and profound.”

Theater of the Mind was co-created by Byrne and writer Mala Gaonkar, and it is set for an August 2020 debut.

The show will utilize 15,000 square feet for just 16 audience members at a time. It is billed as “a journey of self-reflection, discovery, and imagination, inspired by and grounded in neuroscience.”

“For a few years, David and I partnered with several cognitive neuroscience labs to see how some of the most basic human intuitions determine how humans react,” Gaonkar added. “What we concluded was the experiments and ideas of the labs we partnered with, several of which we embedded in our narrative, seemed as engaging as any piece of theatre. Theater of the Mind will challenge the ever-changing reality written in our minds and I am thrilled for audiences to think of science and theatre in a new way.”

For more information visit Theater of the Mind‘s official website.