photo by Taylor Hill

Last week, Radiohead were victims of a hacker, who stole 18 separate minidiscs from frontman Thom Yorke. The content of the stolen discs is around 18 hours of unreleased recordings from the studio sessions that birthed the band’s iconic 1997 album, OK Computer, and today Radiohead announced they are offering the entire collection after the hacker reportedly asked for $150,000 ransom to not share the recordings.

“Instead of complaining—much—or ignoring it, we’re releasing all 18 hours on Bandcamp in aid of Extinction Rebellion,” Radiohead write in a social media statement, naming the environmental activist group as the beneficiary. The group later adds, “Never intended for public consumption (though some clips did reach the cassette in the OK Computer reissue) it’s only tangentially interesting. And very, very long. Not a phone download. Rainy out, isn’t it though?”

Fan can purchase the minidisc collection via Radiohead’s Bandcamp page (note: It’s only for 18 days, and the mp3 download is a hefty 1.8GB in size). Those interested can also check out this Google Doc, made by a group of Radiohead fans on Reddit, which meticulously notes all of the song versions that appear throughout the minidiscs.