_Photo by Dino Perrucci_

Ahead of his new studio LP Look Now (out Oct. 12), Elvis Costello has shared “Suspect My Tears,” a new ballad backed by his Imposters band.

The song’s string section in particular was recorded at the famed Electric Lady Studios in New York City. Says Costello of the recording sessions for “Suspect My Tears”: “Not always having a reason to put music on the page, I’m always delighted when a recording session comes out as I’ve heard it in my head. I could not have asked more from our New York players, the string section sounding as rich and full as twice their number. When I was a kid listening to Tamla and Philly recordings, like those produced by Thom Bell, I always imagined they were played by massive symphony orchestras in a cathedral-like space. I realize now that is what reverb is for.”

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Listen “Suspect My Tears” below: