_Charlie Timberlake_

Phish lyricist Tom Marshall’s newest Under the Scales podcast episode has a very special guest, as band frontman Trey Anastasio appears to discuss the upcoming 20th anniversary of Story of the Ghost, the classic Phish album that includes several of the group’s live staples.

The episode, which dropped on Sunday and is dubbed “Trey’s Ghost Story,” featured RJ Bee (co-founder of Osiris podcast network with Marshall) interviewing the host about _Story of the Ghost_’s milestone anniversary, with Anastasio adding in his own take.

The conversation spans over 90 minutes and includes Anastasio discussing his bandmate Page McConnell’s expansive new keyboard rig, which features more vintage keyboards and a retooled Hammond organ that has lead to new sounds and uplifting playing; the politics of selecting songs for albums (including why “Twist” didn’t make it onto Ghost); Anastasio’s respect for drummer and friend Jon Fishman; and the lyrics and motivations behind certain Ghost songs like “Wading in the Velvet Sea,” “Ghost,” “Brian and Robert,” “Birds of a Feather” and more.

Listen to the Under the Scales episode below, and learn more about Osiris’ many podcast offerings here.