_Stuart Levine_

On Saturday April 21, Chris Robinson will join a number of musicians and artists for FluxBuddha, “an interdisciplinary performance art concert in eight parts.”

As described on the event’s official website, FluxBuddah uses live performance to disrupt “notions of time and identity,” and explore the intersection of American Buddhism and the New York avant-garde movement. “Instructions are simple,” its official website reads. “Open mind gently. Avoid familiar thought patterns.”

The event will take place at New York City’s Rubin Museum of Art, and additional participants include Neel Murgai (Brooklyn Raga Massive), Jesse Jarnow (_Relix_), Steven Pestana, Sophia Sobers, Bonita Oliver (French Leave), Julie Brown, Jascha Hoffman (Sounding NYC), Amy Carrigan, Matt Ruby (Comedy Cellar) and more.

Tickets are available here