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In their home state of Georgia, Widespread Panic wrapped up their New Year’s run at the Fox Theater by busting out a few dormant tunes, including a “Basically Frightened” cover to honor the late, great Col. Bruce Hampton.

John Bell played the entire first set sitting down on acoustic guitar, a visual that evoked Michael Houser’s tenure in the band, as well as the band’s historic, 1996 Sit N Ski tour. After a “Let’s Get Down To Business” opener and a “Driving Song” > “Jamais Vu” > “Driving Song” jam, Panic dusted off “Time Waits” which was last heard on 7/6/2014 at the High Sierra Music Festival (207 show gap).

Following a jam-heavy set two, the band opened set three with “Basically Frightened,” which proved to be the biggest bust out of the night. The last time the band played the Aquarium Rescue Unit tune was with Bruce Hampton himself in Atlanta on 2/14/2011 (419 show gap).

The band continued on to debut the Bobby Bland tune “Yield Not To Temptation,” a song often covered by the Colonel, as well as the Hampton favorite “I’m So Glad.” A mentor to Jimmy Herring and countless others in the jam scene, Hampton was clearly on the band’s mind this run. On night one, they posted a setlist photo that revealed an inspirational Bruce Hampton image taped to Duane Trucks’ drums.

Later, the band encored with a trio of “Expiration Day,” “Postcard,” and, finally, “Porch Song.”

Widespread Panic’s next show will be at the Panic En La Playa destination event from January 26-29 in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Check out last night’s full set list below:

Widespread Panic
Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA

first set set with JB seated & acoustic

Set I: Let’s Get Down To Business, Who Do You Belong To?, Can’t Get High, Driving Song > Jamais Vu > Driving Song, Time Waits*, Wondering

Set II: Disco > Fishwater > Tie Your Shoes > Sleepy Monkey^ > Chilly Water, Ribs & Whiskey, Pigeons

Set III: Basically Frightened^^, Yield Not To Temptation^^^, I’m So Glad, Ain’t Life Grand, Surprise Valley > Greta > Drums > Surprise Valley, Honey Bee, Travelin’ Light, Last Dance

Enc: Expiration Day, Postcard, Porch Song

Notes: *Last time played 7/6/14
^Last time played 10/29/16
^^Last time played 2/14/11
^^^First time played

Source: Panicstream.com

_Night one setlist. Col. Bruce Hampton taped to Duane Trucks’ drums_