Iconic singer-songwriter Yusuf/Cat Stevens has announced his new album, The Laughing Apple, set for release on September 15. The record will bring new material while seeing Stevens revisit some of his classic work from the ’60s.

“There are some I always wanted to hear differently,” Steven says about the newly imagined older songs on the album. “Many of my earlier recordings were overcooked with big band arrangements. They crowded the song out a lot of times.”

Stevens got production help on The Laughing Apple with his Tea for the Tillerman producer Paul Samwell-Smith, and the new album will be released on Decca Records, who handled Stevens debut album 50 years ago.

Pre-order The Laughing Apple here and listen to lead single “See What Love Did to Me” below.

The Laughing Apple Tracklist:

1. Blackness of the Night
2. See What Love Did to Me
3. The Laughing Apple
4. Olive Hill
5. Grandsons
6. Mighty Peace
7. Mary and the Little Lamb
8. You Can Do (Whatever)!
9. Northern Wind (Death of Billy the Kid)
10. Don’t Blame Them
11. I’m So Sleepy