Camp Bisco has announced that the festival will be taking a hiatus in 2014. The news came today via a post on the event’s Facebook page, which reads:

Camp Bisco is always one of the highlights of the year for us and all of our fans. After much deliberation and tireless efforts to make Camp happen this year, we had to make the tough decision to take a year off. We will be coming back in 2015 with an amazing event that will cater to the needs, wants and wishes of Camp Bisco’s most faithful and valued attendees! Camp Bisco, which has featured such superstar musical acts as LCD Soundsystem, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Macklemore, Skrillex and many more, has sold out its last three years in a row.

The Biscuits, MCP and our amazing community of fans and friends have built this festival from the ground up and we take extreme pride in what we have all created together. We have shared such amazing experiences throughout the last decade and a half of Camp and we look forward to doubling down on that after this year off. We are so thankful for all your rabid support, so please stay tuned, there will be some amazing announcements right around the corner.

-The Disco Biscuits & MCP Presents

As previously reported, Camp Bisco missed a few key deadlines for filing post-event reports with the local authorities, and rumors were circulating that the festival would not be taking place this year. Hopefully more information about the reasons for the festival’s hiatus will come to light in the future.