The next Phish release is a six-CD box set, showcasing two complete shows recorded live in Chicago at UIC Pavilion in Chicago, IL. The first show was recorded on June 18, 1994 and the second on November 25, 1994. For Chicago ’94, sound engineer Paul Languedoc’s stereo soundboard mixes have been remastered by longtime Phish collaborator Fred Kevorkian.
In total, Chicago ’94 contains nearly six hours of music for a total of 43 songs, including material from the UIC soundchecks.
To give fans a preview of the album, Phish has now made both “David Bowie” from June 18, 1994 and “Simple” from November 25, 1994 available for free download.

In addition, “Llama” from November 25, 1994 and “Divided Sky” from June 18, 1994 are both streaming over at

Phish are currently in the midst of a two-night run at Deer Creek.