On Monday, the Grateful Dead launched the first phase of The Epic Tour the band’s very own video game. As we previously reported, the social media video game allows users to design their own Dancing Bear avatars and then vote for their favorite Grateful Dead shows.

The ultimate goal is to get to the next show on the tour and, along the way, users will battle the evil forces of darkness. Darkness is “undiscovered, empty, or unkind places,” while light “represents the collective positive vibe of the Grateful Dead experience: the music, fun, community, celebration, cooperation, individualism, hope, freedom, escape, and joy.” The game has reimagined ten of the band’s greatest shows. Be sure to vote for your favorite show before January 31, 2012, as these shows will become the “Epic Tour.” The game, developed by Curious Sense in Asheville, N.C., is available on a “freemium” basis: there are free features but also premium features that’ll run you a few ‘Stealies.’