On Friday night the Allman Brothers Band returned to its former home base of Macon, Georgia for its first performance in two decades. Guitarist Derek Trucks remained seated throughout the show after breaking his leg in a basketball game on Thursday. Guitarist Tommy Talton, who was the ABB’s Capricorn label mate with his group Cowboy and later recorded and toured with Gregg Allman, appeared late in the second set for a version of “All My Friends” (which appears on Allman’s Laid Back album). Then Jack Pearson, who gigged with Brothers for a stretch during the late 90s joined in for “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.” This was followed by a set-closing “One Way Out” with Talton back on stage along with Berry Oakley Jr. All three of the guests then appeared with the ABB for the “Southbound” encore. Earlier in the day, saw the group cut the ribbon at the official opening of the Allman Brothers Museum at the Big House.