In the grand tradition of the former Phish festival newspapers All About IT and the Coventry Courier, Festival 8 concertgoers once again will be able to receive free on-site daily papers focused on the event. As in years past, the Festival 8 Express will be edited by the team at and Relix, with editions available on October 30, October 31 and November 1. The Festival 8 Express will offer photos, interviews, essays and other insight into this year’s Halloween fest. We also would like to solicit your help with the project, so we are putting out a call for essays.

You have two choices. Please send us 500-1000 words on one of these topics (1) Your favorite musical moment (or moments) from past Halloween shows and why they have earned this distinction (2) An account of your own Phish-related Halloween costume from years past (ideally with a photograph we can run in accompaniment). Along with the glory of having an article printed in the Express, folks who write the winning essays will receive a prize package. Essays should be sent to [email protected], and the deadline for submissions is October 20.