The Avett Brothers celebrated the release of its major label debut I and Love and You yesterday with both an art shows and a stealth performance. The members of the Avett Brothers have a longstanding history with Relix: The country-punk trio was named a New Groove of the Month on in 2006, was profiled in Relix’s emerging artists spotlight section a few months later and was the subject of a major feature this past August.

The group traveled to New York to celebrate the release of its new album with an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman Monday night. The Avetts then hosted a special I and Love and You gallery event at New York’s Envoy Enterprises yesterday, featuring original art pieces created by Seth and Seth Avett. Finally, at approximately 7:20 PM the band took the stage in Envoy’s bar and performance space Home Sweet Home. The Avett’s played an hour-long set that opened with “Laundry Room.” While the group focused primarily on material from its new, Rick Rubin-produced studio album like “January Wedding,” “Kick Drum Heart” and “The Perfect Space,” the band did look back on occasion with songs like “Paranoia in B-Flat Major” from 2007’s Emotionalism. The ensemble will appear at Toronto’s The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern this evening.