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Crafting most of my "show poems" during the first workday following a concert, I write music-experience reviews for my friends and fellow tourmate cohorts. Let’s get into the song! And lately, publishers of worldwide experimental literary journals have been endorsing my efforts. How cool? When a piece of mine gets published, music-based or otherwise, I post my progress online.
From Big Cypress and Beck to Yonder and whatever ticket comes next, the goal is to compile and get some books into the hands of those who dance.
Now, I can’t write about every concert I go to, but do hope you enjoy the ones in which I can. Stay tuned/Coming soon: Coventry, Keller, Galactic, Bisco, Page, Gutwillig, Jazz Fest and my epics "of funk and the great YEAH! of rockNroll": SET I, SET II and SET III.
Dear friends, I invite you to visit ReVeLeR @ eYeLeVeL. Thank you.