The Texas Eclipse Festival is coming to a close sooner than expected. The folks behind the event, which was intended to occur from April 5 through 9 in Burnet, Texas, shared that for the wellness and safety of attendees, Burnet County officials, local safety organizations, and The National Weather Service have decided to end the festival out of an abundance of precaution. 

The official message entailing the change presented, “We regret to inform you of the severe weather forecast, including risks of high winds, tornadic activity, large hail, and thunderstorms for later today, including during the eclipse, Tuesday, and Wednesday.”

The statement continued, “Leave early for safety and to beat traffic. Guests may stay for the eclipse provided they pack and are prepared to depart after totality. This guidance may change based on weather.”

Also included was a list of added information for folks already on the festival grounds. Including the news that “All programming and performances for Monday and Tuesday are canceled.” They also mentioned that partial refunds will be delivered, and information pertaining to the reimbursement can be populated via email. 

Before the cancellation of the Texas Eclipse Festival, a reported 30,000 people descended to the small Lone Star State town to witness the one-in-a-lifetime celestial occurrence, which is no longer in view due to current weather conditions in the region. 

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