Inspired by the success of Pink Talking Fish, a new group will interpret the music of two other notable artists. This band will take cut a wider swath in blending the sounds of pioneering jazz fusion flautist Herbie Mann (if you’re unfamiliar with his 1969 album Memphis Underground, which also features Roy Ayers, Larry Coryell and Sonny Sharrock, check it out now) with the songs of the White Stripes (who wrote the theme to the podcast Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, among other endeavors).

In naming the project, the musicians have opted for the approach taken by Bruce Hornsby and yMusic with their collective, BrhyM. However, they have applied their own internal logic and sense of symmetry, in opting for the beginning of Herbie Mann’s name and the end of the White Stripes’ moniker. As the band members say in an introductory press release, “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is an honor to give you Herpes!”

Herpes will present material written and popularized by both artists, including “Icky Thump” “Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine,” and “Dippermouth”

Public awareness of the group continues to grow, as Herpes has been passed from fan to fan via viral transmission. Unfortunately, no gigs have been booked thus far, as venues seem oddly disinterested in opening their doors to Herpes. 

When asked about this, the band members responded via email, “It’s complex.”