Photo Credit: Juliana Ronderos

Following a steady stream of show protests and cancellations, Matisyahu has shared an extensive statement addressing accusations associated with his views on the unrest between Israel and Palestine. The four-page message was penned by the musician, otherwise known as Matthew Paul Miller, and can be read below.

Matisyahu wrote to fans, followers, and those who oppose or question his stance: “There have been many false accusations made against me recently so I feel it is necessary to make a statement. Anyone who has listened to my songs or seen a performance over my 20+ career will see the same thread of positivity and peace. In the chorus of ‘One Day’ it states ‘NO MORE WAR.’ It is a dream and while today it is not reality, it is truly what I pray and work for.” 

Adding context, he continued, “As our tour continues, shows are still being protested and a venue this week was vandalized in an attempt to cancel the show, which we did not allow.” The artist added, “I dream of a day when Israelis and Palestinians read of this conflict in history books and no longer have to live it day by day, I feel the pain of our sisters and brothers as they mourn thus current disaster. We want peace in our lifetimes.” 

“I do not have the answers to the centuries-old conflict, nor want another person to die or have their life torn apart; Israeli or Palestinian. How do you defend yourself against a terrorist organization that calls for the total annihilation of the Jewish people and uses innocent civilians as human shields? How do you educate millions of people who do not know that the Jewish people have been in the land of Israel for thousands of years, long before the founding of Islam, before the Christian Crusades, before the Arab conquest? But history alone is not enough. How do you reason with those calling for a cease-fire but not mentioning the return of hostages?”

My message is to stand up against hate. Sadly, there are several unprovoked atrocities and wars happening around the world, yet many opinions and criticisms stand against the Jewish people who simply want to live in peace in their native homelands. This is the reality of anti-Semitism.” After adding some background on the hostility between the two countries, Matisyahu concluded, “I am standing up in defense of the Jewish people, as I wish many had done prior to World War II and the extermination of millions before it was too late.” Conquering support for his stance, he ended, “Who else will stand with me?” 

View the musician’s official statement in full below.