Photo Credit: Joelle Grace Taylor

Norah Jones has shared the second preview of her impending Blue Note release, Visions, due out on March 8. The new single, “Staring at the Wall,” has been shared today alongside the official visual equalizer, directed by Jones and Kyle Paas, and features studio footage as well as the musician’s handwritten lyrics.

Jones and Michels co-wrote the new track, “Staring at the Wall,” which finds Jones adding vocals, guitar, and piano to the piece, while Michel on bass, drums and tambourine. “This is one of my favorites,” Jones said on the song via press release. “It was kind of a left turn from everything else on the album. It’s the first time I played guitar with Leon, we were just trying to come up with something different. I got on guitar and he got on drums and it just took off. It’s just so fun to play music sometimes, and I feel like on this album there were a lot of those times. He had a really cool guitar sound going for me so it just felt good.”

Following the release of her 2020 deliverable, Pick Me Up Off the Floor, Jones’ impending 12-track batch focuses on freedom, the instinct to dance, making things right, and accepting whatever life throws. Whereas her pandemic-era album was drenched in darkness, Visions aims to add lightness to the artist’s recent repertoire as a reflection of experience.

“The reason I called the album Visions is because a lot of the ideas came in the middle of the night or in that moment right before sleep,” says Jones. “We did most of the songs in the same way where I was at the piano or on guitar and Leon was playing drums and we were just jamming on stuff. I like the rawness between me and Leon, the way it sounds kind of garage-y but also kind of soulful, because that’s where he’s coming from, but also not overly perfected.”

In conjunction with new music, Jones will appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on March 6. Visions is available for pre-order now. 

Watch the official music video for “Staring at the Wall” below.